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Entomophagy Recipes: Egg Salad with Buffalo Worms None

The combination of the creamy egg salad and the crunchy worms that taste a bit like bacon works very well together.

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Edible Insect Recipes: Falafel and Curry Yogurt Sauce None

Falafel gets an undeserved reputation as a kind of Mediterranean junk food—the chicken nuggets of the middle east. In fact, I've heard that the McDonald's in Egypt serves the "McFalafel," essentially a vegetarian Big Mac. But it doesn't need to...

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Edible Insect Recipes: Mealworm Chocolate Crunch None

These easy-to-make candies taste remarkably like a certain famous crunchy chocolate candy bar, due to roasted mealworms' similarity in texture to crisped rice. Because they so closely resemble a candy classic familiar to millions of people, thi...

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Edible Insect Recipes: Waxworm Green Tacos None

My favorite thing about these tacos is that almost everything in it is the same color, but they all bring something different to the table. Citrus from the lime, creaminess from the avocado, crunch from the cabbage, and a sharp bite from the ja...

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Entomophagy Recipes: Udon Noodles None

Udon is a Japanese wheat noodle, typically used in savory dashi broth soups, but also as a main dish. The thick, springy, chewiness is what makes udon fun to eat, but what makes udon fun to make is that it's quite common, even for old Japanese ...

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Entomophagy Recipes: Tequila with Insect Salt Rim None

More frequently tequila shots are taken by licking the cleft of the hand where the thumb and index finger meet, then salting it, drinking the tequila, and sucking on a lemon or lime, to cut the tequila burn. I prefer to salt the rim of a glass,...

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Entomophagy Recipes: Sloppy Silkworms None

Silkworms are juicy and meaty, and just the right substitution for beef in this American sunny summer day classic.The sauce here has a strong flavor, and can always be fortified with more worcestershire, or even tabasco, sauce. If using canned ...

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