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Entomophagy Recipes: Cricket Powder Risotto None
Slow Simmer Umami Goodness

When pressed for comparisons, most entomophagists—myself included—describe crickets as similar in taste to mushrooms, for the earthiness, and umami flavor profile that they both share. This is ridiculous, of course. Mushrooms don't taste like c...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Mealworm Toffee None
3 Ingredient Sugar Sparkle Magic

Mealworm toffee is such classy addition to a simple dessert like vanilla ice cream, especially if you're going to serve it in such an atmosphere where the light will shine through the golden, translucent shards. Any roasted or dehydrated mealwo...

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Why Bugs for Beginners?
Everyone starts out a beginner sometime

My name is Mic, and I'm writing I wrote a cookbook about eating bugs.

I go into the why in more detail in the book. There are a lot of reasons to eat insects. It's p...

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