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Edible Insects Recipe: Cricket Ceviche None
Replace "sea crickets" (shrimp) with land crickets

The Goshute people of Utah, who were long accustomed to eating grasshoppers, are reported to have said of shrimp, upon their first taste, that it should be called “sea crickets,” because of the strong similarity between the two. For people who...

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Bugs for Beginners Interview on the Ento Nation Podcast
New Interview

This week, the unofficial watering-hole of the entomophagy industry turned its attention towards Bugs for Beginners! I've been a fan of Continue Reading »

Edible Insects Recipe: Irish Colcannon with Cricket Powder None
Added Protein to an Irish Classic

Colcannon is a traditional Irish dish, essentially potatoes mashed with butter and milk or cream, and then with cooking greens, such as cabbage or kale, blended in. Typically served alongside a hearty meat such as ham, sausage, or corned beef, ...

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Bugs for Beginners is now an eBook! None
86 recipes for only $10!

Bugs for Beginners is now an eBook, available on Amazon for $14 (mobi format), or Gumroad for $10 (epub)

Of course I'm biased, but I think it's an excellent book. I wrote the book I wante...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Mango Salsa Taco with Waxworms None
Larvae blend with corn kernels in a spicy-sweet salsa

This salsa is good enough to eat with a spoon, and incredibly versatile. Eat it by itself and it'll be a fresh and spicy summer salad; dip chips in it and it's a salsa; put it inside a shell and voilà—tacos! The strength of this ...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Cricket Piccata None
Tart, "annoyed" crickets make for satisfied eaters

This dish willed itself into existence. I guess that's appropriate, considering that the name of piccata dishes comes from the Italian word piccato, meaning “annoyed”—it's almost as if the dish were annoyed that I almost made somet...

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Entomophagy Recipes: Cricket Powder Risotto None
Slow Simmer Umami Goodness

When pressed for comparisons, most entomophagists—myself included—describe crickets as similar in taste to mushrooms, for the earthiness, and umami flavor profile that they both share. This is ridiculous, of course. Mushrooms don't taste like c...

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