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Edible Insect Recipes: Mint-Fed Julep None

The mint julep originates from the US American south, and was once considered a medicament to cure stomach ailments. Now it is more commonly associated with cooling down on warm sunny southern days, and the Kentucky Derby horse races. A tradit...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Baked Eggplant with Walnut Worm Cream None

This is such a delicious dish. It is good for beginners since you can not see the the worms and it therefore becomes less scary. The worms add an umami taste to the walnut crème.

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Cricket Powder Recipes: Chunky Cricket Chili None

This dish started off as an ento variation of New Mexican green chile stew, but somehow it willed itself into something more closely resembling a hearty Tex-Mex chili. I included New Mexico green chilies because, as a native New Mexican, I can'...

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Entomophagy Recipes: Mealworm Mac & Cheese Souffle None

Chef PV is a culinary thought leader, transforming what we eat and what we think about what we eat. His is a platform of sustainability, Entomophagy and social and political awareness. As a Full-Spectrum Chef, and progressive voice in the food ...

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Rock Star Rock Climber Alex Honnold Endorses Eating Bugs None
The record-breaking athlete behind Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo supports entomophagy

Alex Honnold has long been known in the rock climbing niche sport, but he has recently been made world-famous after having been profiled in the new oscar-winning documentary, Free Solo. Free Solo follows Honnold for approximately two yea...

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Cricket Powder Recipes: Cricket Pâté None

Summer in Europe is a pleasure for so many reasons, especially sunny-day picnics. You can start your morning at the farmer's market in the city center, selecting your favorite loaf of freshly-baked French bread, spreadable cheese, pâté, and som...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Avocado Toast with Mealworms None

There are few ingredients that exemplify the way culture and circumstance are reflected in food, better than the avocado. Looked down upon in places where its abundance prevented it from becoming a status symbol, and referred to as, “the poor m...

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