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Edible Insects Recipe: Crickety Banana Bread None

Chirps is on a mission to get people excited about eating bugs and build a sustainable food system around insect protein. When they first started Chirps, many people told them to hide the fact that their foods have insects in them, and to just ...

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Stop Equating Edible Insects With the Apocalypse None
Associating food that's normal in most parts of the world with the apocalypse is not funny; it's bigoted and offensive

English-language media, please stop saying you are eating bugs to prepare for the apocalypse. It's not original, even less funny, and most of all, highly offensive. Edible insects may strike us in the English-speaking world as "bizarre food" or...

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The Best Edible Insect Cookbooks None
From a beginner in bugs, to an entomophagy expert, we'll getcha eating good

The Western world is finally awakening to what most of the world already knows: edible insects are delicious and nutritious! Ever since the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations released its report in 2013, US Americans and Eu...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Mashed Potatoes with Cricket Gravy None

For US Americans, a heaping steaming serving of mashed potatoes and gravy is an essential comfort food, especially around the chilly holiday season. I used to think that making good gravy was a time-consuming process, the last task at the end o...

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Edible Insect Recipe: How to Make Mealworm Spring Rolls None

I love spring rolls as an introduction to entomophagy because, quite frankly, everyone loves spring rolls. The transparent rice paper adds an elegant and dreamy presentation to whatever you put inside the roll; pretty much everything looks bea...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Cricket Powder Tempura Vegetables With Sweet And Sour Sauce None

Crické markets tasty, healthy and eco-friendly insect-based food products for a well balanced and more sustainable diet. Crické combines traditional Mediterranean recipes with the cricket powder – a great low-impact source of protein, vi...

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Cricket Powder Recipe: Hummus Pinwheel None

As wholesomely satisfying as it is, hummus isn’t much more than chickpea puree. For this reason, hummus makes a solid foundation to support the addition of a wide range of ingredients for some real culinary risk-taking, even if you’re not an ex...

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