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Edible Insects Recipe: Mini Mealworm and Pecan Pie None
Sweet Nutty Buggy Tarts

The mealworms and chopped pecans blend well together, adding an interesting visible texture to these delicious little treats! For extra flavor, try using cinnamon-fed mealworms....

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What Do Worm Burgers Taste Like? Bugfoundation wormburgers
An Honest Review of Bugfoundation Edible Insect Burgers

Greetings from Germany!

I'm excited to be here for many reasons, one of which is that I finally get to try worm burgers! What am I talking about? Believe it or not, burgers made with "worm" protein—I'll explain the quotation marks...

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How to Flavor Insects By Herb-Feeding Them None
How to gutload your bugs for better taste

Herb-feeding is the area of entomophagy that has the most exciting, and vastly unexplored, culinary potential. Essentially, many bugs have digestive systems which are such that, to a person, they will pretty much taste like whatever the insec...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Polenta Mealworm Roulade None
Mealworms hidden in a savory polenta roll

A roulade is a savory or sweet dish of filled rolled meat or pastry, common in many European countries. This beautiful and delicious Swiss roulade is drizzled with red pepper soy sauce and served atop a bed of fresh sugar snap peas. This recipe...

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Edible Insects Recipe: Kosher-ish Cricket Kugel None
Are crickets kosher? Depends on which rabbi you ask!

One of the lesser-known dietary parameters specified in the Torah is that observant Jews are forbidden from eating insects— but there are exceptions. Leviticus 11:21-22 specifies that it is permissible to eat, "every winged swarming thing...

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Entomophagy Recipe: Blue Corn Tostada con Chapulines None
Traditional flavors are making a comeback

The full name for Tostadas, is "tostada compuesta", which means "toasted mix". This means that you're free to add pretty much whatever you want on your tostada—the key is just the hard shell supporting all the deliciousness. The tostada f...

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How Do You Start Eating Bugs? None
Step-by-step to get you started when you don't know where to start with edible insects

Recently I was interviewed for the Food Heroes Podcast, and the kind and gracious host, Katie, asked me a question so simple I can't believe I didn't have an answer prepared:

How do I start eating insects?

More specific...

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