Bugs for Beginners Interview on the Ento Nation Podcast
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July 8, 2018
May 5, 2019

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This week, the unofficial watering-hole of the entomophagy industry turned its attention towards Bugs for Beginners! I've been a fan of The Ento Nation Podcast ever since I started listening several months ago, so I was unbelievably excited when the Cricket Man asked me if I wanted to be a guest.

Things we discuss:

  • Game of Thrones (off-topic, I know, but I happen to be in a place that was one of the shooting locations)
  • How I started eating insects
  • How I got obsessed with entomophagy
  • The "Ick Factor", and whether you should even try to get people over it
  • Cookbooks, the process of writing one, and the difference between cooking food and writing about food
  • My soapbox critique of marketing ento products (Sushi Strategy vs Vegetarian Strategy)
  • Movie trivia and math problems

The Cricket Man even talked me into sharing my SUPER EMBARRASSING private, unlisted Youtube video of the very first time I ever ate an insect:

This was such a fun conversation, if even a tiny fraction of how much fun I had talking transfers over to the podcast, I know it'll be a fun listen. Listen to the podcast!

Meet Mic

I'm Mic. I love reading about, writing about, thinking about, photographing, and especially eating, food. Especially bug food. Enough talk, let's eat!

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