Rock Star Rock Climber Alex Honnold Endorses Eating Bugs
The record-breaking athlete behind Oscar-winning documentary Free Solo supports entomophagy

April 6, 2019
May 5, 2019

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Alex Honnold has long been known in the rock climbing niche sport, but he has recently been made world-famous after having been profiled in the new oscar-winning documentary, Free Solo. Free Solo follows Honnold for approximately two years of his life as he prepares to climb Yosemite National Park's El Capitan, in record time and without any safety gear whatsoever. Free Solo is an exciting and inspiring movie to watch, not just for climbing fans, but for anyone who longs to see what it looks for for an ambitious goal to be planned, worked towards, and achieved--and the stunning natureporn shots of Yosemite don't hurt the viewing experience....

Yeah okay sounds cool, you may be thinking, but what are you doing writing about Alex Honnold on your bug blog?

As it turns out, Alex Honnold is also a proponent of entomophagy!

Honnold has been a vegetarian for several years and is fairly well known for being such a noteworthy and high-achieving vegetarian athlete.

However, on an interview on the Joe Rogan Experience, while discussing his reasons for becoming vegetarian (environmental), Honnold took it up a notch (as usual) and said, "Insect protein is sort of a potential future of humanity ...I'm not fundamentally opposed to eating insects, but it's just they're rarely served."

Sounds like a man in need of a gateway bug....Who knows, maybe you'll see him at the next Bugible or Brooklyn Bugs event!

You can watch the entire Honnold interview with Joe Rogan, or just a short snippet where they discuss protein

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