Insect Pasta is Now Available at the Grocery Store in Germany
Insect Tuesday just got cheaper and easier!

Jan. 29, 2019
May 5, 2019

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For one of my New Years resolutions I decided to try to eat better and more conscientiously, which means Meatless Mondays and Insect Tuesdays. I do not hit the target every week, but I believe trying and failing to hit the mark is better than not trying at all. Meatless Monday is easy, but I'll admit that even though I wrote a cookbook about edible insects, insects are still very much of a fringe food in the USA and Europe, and consequently I was a little concerned about maintaining Insect Tuesdays. That is, until I wandered into my neighborhood discount grocery store and found insect pasta among the rest of the frozen meals!

The discount grocery store Netto is not even a health or otherwise specialty store—in Germany—or Berlin, at least— and now sells 4 flavors frozen mealworm pasta meals from Star Frost for 2.99 apiece:

  • Harissa ("Chickpeas, cauliflower, eggplant, and onions, seasoned in oriental style")
  • Paprika-frischkase (aka Creamy Paprika: "Paprika, cream and cream cheese, refined with white wine and pumpkin seeds, sprinkled with cheddar")
  • Zitrone-Tomate mit GrĂ¼nem Spargel (aka Lemon Tomato with Green Asparagus )
  • Red Thai Curry

Creamy Paprika Mealworm Pasta

How Does the Mealworm Pasta Taste?

As far as the noodles themselves, they taste no different to me. Granted, they are covered in sauce already, but I don't perceive any kind of aftertaste nor even a textural difference. The color is a little bit darker, more of a wheat color, over a typical golden noodle. That's it.

As for the meals:

Creamy Paprika

Super duper yummy. It was even a little bit spicy, and the added pumpkin seeds were a nice flavor and texture addition. I loved this one and could eat it pretty much every day.


Meh, a little boring. The sauce was not particularly flavorful, and I'm not sure what they were going for. The garbanzos added a nice texture though. I'd probably like this better with a little hot sauce. It was just a little bland for my taste. Not bad, just meh.

Red Thai Curry

Yummy. It was only a little bit spicy by my standards, but probably piping hot by local standards. There was a nice creaminess due to coconut milk. I could happily eat this one quite often.

Lemon Tomato

Meh. Typically I like lemon tomato pastas, but this was a little boring. I could see myself using it as a base, and then just adding some quick basil, capers, or even a few fresh (or sun-dried?) tomatoes to freshen this up.

Lemon Tomato Mealworm Pasta

Frozen Mealworm Past: The Final Verdict

It's frozen food, a convenience meal. It shouldn't be compared to the most amazing meal you've ever tasted, it should be compared to other frozen meals. I'd say that all of them were better than the average frozen meal, with the Creamy Paprika and Red Thai Curry being the clear winners that I will buy again. Harissa and Lemon Tomato I will probably do without, because if I have to add a lot of fresh ingredients I might as well make my own meal all the way.

Overall, I'm very pleased to see this indicator that insects continue to move from Fear Factor gross-out fodder to ordinary microwave lunches for busy people.

This is not an entomophagy recipe and is not included in Bugs for Beginners, a cookbook which teaches Westerners how to prepare edible insects and safely eat a bug. Text may include affiliate links

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