Entomophagy Recipes: Sauterelles dans un Tapis

Jan. 12, 2020

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This recipe—okay, so it's less of a recipe and more of a simple suggestion—is inspired in equal parts by summers in Europe, as it is by Bugs in a Rug, from David George Gordon's Eat a Bug Cookbook. In honor of the both, I've named it Sauterelles dans un Tapis, which is just Gordon's title translated to French, to make it sound fancy.

Sauterelles dans un Tapis

Total: 5 mins; Serves 2


  • Grasshoppers, either fresh or store bought, such as Merci Mercado chapulines
  • Slices or chunks of cheese, either Swiss, Parmesan, or any other favorite
  • Thin slices of cured meat, such as prosciutto or salami
  • Melon chunks



1. If you are using ready-to-eat grasshoppers such as Merci Mercado chapulines, skip to step 2. If you are using frozen or dehydrated grasshoppers, soak in warm water for 10-30 minutes to rehydrate/thaw. If you are using fresh grasshoppers, freeze them for several hours ahead of time, then boil in a covered pot for 3-5 minutes. Next, either roast your grasshoppers in an oven preheated to 320°F/160°C for 15-20 minutes, or sauté until lightly crispy. Remove legs and wings..

2. Slice your cheese, melon, and meat, into small, bite-sized pieces. Split them up so that each bundle will have a nice variety among the cheesy, salty, sweet, and savory, flavors and the creamy and crunchy textures. I like to balance salty foods like a parmesan cheese or prosciutto with something soft, like a melon or neutral cheese.

3. Stack each group together and then skewer with a toothpick to finish. I like to make sure that each group has one grasshopper wrapped in something, be it salami, prosciutto, or Swiss cheese. However, this is completely up to your artistic and gustatory discretion. Arrange artfully on a plate, and serve.

This entomophagy recipe is included in Bugs for Beginners, a cookbook which teaches Westerners how to prepare edible insects and safely eat a bug. Text may include affiliate links

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