See Menus for Events and Restaurants That Serve Edible Insects
Now you can see the menu items of the edible bug restaurants and events closest to you!

June 16, 2019
Nov. 24, 2019

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Last month, the Bugs for Beginners site debuted a brand new feature that allows you to search for restaurants and events closest to you that serve edible insects. This search includes not only full-on entomocentric restaurants, but also food trucks and pop-up events.

"That's great!", I heard from a lot of people.

"...but what can I eat there...?"

They continued.

"How do I know which one to go to? How can I convince my partner to go with me?"

These are all fair questions.

The Solution: You Can Now See The Menus of Places That Serve Edible Insects

I added a new feature so you can add a menu and description to any restaurant or ento chef's info page, to let people know what to expect. For example, My friend MikroKosmos in Berlin often serves Grasshopper Caprese at her pop-up ento events, so I added that to her info page

Another example is my Canadian friends at Alligator's Gourmet Grilled Cheese. They serve ants and crickets in their famous "Mad Hopper" grilled cheese sandwich, but they are only open seasonally from May to August—exactly the kind of information that should be noted in their info page, so that someone won't be heartbroken when they fail to find them in September.

These menus and descriptions are like Wikipedia— anyone can contribute. In fact, allow me to take the time to beg you to contribute. Please contribute. Pretty please contribute. I'll love you forever if you contribute. There is no all-seeing, all-knowing, web scraper or filter—this database needs to be filled with information from all over the world, and I super duper need your help to fill it!

Promo for Insects in the Backyard

Noodles with Bamboo Caterpillars. Image © Insects in the Backyard

Reminder: How can I find edible insect cooks and events near me?


  1. Go to the new Search page. You will have the option to allow us to detect your current location (it doesn't work very well on mobile), or you can simply search by city and/or country, if you know you'll soon be traveling to a place that might have yummy bugs around.
  2. Click it.
  3. Ta da!

It's that easy. You will immediately be directed to our list of edible insect restaurants and upcoming events, sorted by how close they are to your supplied location.

What if I Know About Upcoming Edible Bugs Restaurants, Pop-Ups, or Events?

That is awesome, thank you so much for wanting to help!

All you have to do is tell us about it here and it will automatically be added. Afterwards, you will be given the option to add menu items and/or a description.

This new feature is very much of a work in progress, with the desired goal of making it easier for bug chefs and bug newbies to find each other and spread the love of entomocentric cuisine. If you have any suggestions on how to make it easier to use or otherwise improve it—for example the new menu items and text description is something people asked me for—please send me an email!

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