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Bugs for Beginners Entomophagy Cookbook (Ebook)



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Bugs for Beginners is your introduction to the delicious and nutritious world of entomophagy, filled with more than 75 insect related recipes from innovators all around the world. This expertly curated collection will help you integrate edible insects into your diet, starting you off with small additions to your classic comfort foods, moving on to simple substitutions to your favorite familiar recipes, and graduating you to exciting, new cuisine, in which insects are featured prominently. Plan an intimate meal for you and a partner, or a large gathering for your most adventurous friends. You'll find instructions on how to cook and flavor insects, including recipes for Cricket Piccata, Mealworm Crispy crunchies, Kentucky Fried Crickets, and Waxworm Ramen. Gorgeous color photographs throughout.

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