Bugs for Beginners is a cookbook which teaches you everything you need to know to start cooking and eating insects.

What You'll Learn from Bugs for Beginners:

  • How to cook insects
  • The safety of eating insects
  • Nutritional content of the most accessible insects
  • Bug and wine pairing
  • ...and more!

Bugs for Beginners Has:

  • 150+ images of...
  • 86 recipes by...
  • 20+ contributors from...
  • 10+ countries
...and everything you need to start eating bugs!
Bugs for Beginners cover

What People Are Saying About Bugs for Beginners

Mmmm, yummy!

Jeannie R.

This book is fantastic.

If you are curious about eating bugs this book is perfect! Ms Dai Zovi presents information clearly and with some humor - I really appreciated that she didn't push the politics of insect farming vs animal farming (even though that's definitely one of the reasons I want to find out more about eating insects) and there were plenty of references supplied for me to expand my reading.

The introduction to the book explains a bit about how Ms. Dai Zovi discovered something that most of the world has been doing forever - and she's right to ask us to consider how weird it is that we (in the US) DON'T do it, rather than it being weird that everyone else does it. A lot of useful information is given about safety, storage and sourcing, and there's a helpful little bug icon guide that explains how 'buggy' each dish is.

The recipes are straight forward in method. Links are supplied for some of the ingredients, as well as substitutes (hello, Mantuan Pumpkin). I'm really excited about the Green Posole with Waxworms and the Pineapple Crick Sticks but I think I will work my way up to those dishes via some of the cricket powder based recipes first.

For the 20% of us who are “weird” (and DON’T eat insects)


Refreshingly non-preachy and written for the westerner who is very new to or simply curious about the idea of eating insects, this well-written and educational book is sure to fill a major gap for many food lovers.

The author encourages us to 'ease in' to the idea of eating insects with lots of helpful background information and a handy 'buggy-ness' rating for each recipe. Complete with educational anecdotes, food safety advice, pictures, and step-by-step instructions, this book is great for explorers and for the merely curious alike.

Way more engaging then I possibly imagined.

Kara Krasnoff

Super engaging and fun way to explore the world of bugs! Love it so much can’t wait to try some of the recipes now that I have tips on how to procure some insects!

easy (illustrated) introduction to insect cookin'

Kelsey Menzel

Makes for a friendly and easy entry into what might otherwise be unfamiliar terrain for a more global North palate. Very well written and engaging from the first page -- with wonderful photos to boot. Love the incorporation of flavors from the southwest US, too... especially my favorite (sounding), jalapeño chapulines cornbread donuts!

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